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Valga Valka City Run race regulations

Valga Valka City Run

Valga Valka City Run race regulations


Date: 21st April 2024
Location: Valga and Valka cities
Organizers: NGO Triatloniakadeemia, Valga municipality, Valka novads


Main organizer: MTÜ Triatloniakadeemia, phone: +372 5032901, e-mail: cityrun@triatloniakadeemia.ee



10 km run/walk/Nordic walking

5 km run/walk/Nordic walking

1 km kids’ race

350 m kids’ race


The event is organized according to Estonian Athletics Association competition regulations and the event’s race regulations.



Valga Valka City Run race centre with start and finish areas and race materials pick-up is at Valga City town square.



Saturday, 20.04.2024




Valga Valka City Run race material pick-up and on-spot registration open at race centre.


Valga Valka family day


Sunday, 21.04.2024




Race centre is open


Valga Valka City Run race material pick-up and on-spot registration (until 15 min before the according start)


START for kids’ races without timing (350m)
10.30 born 2021 and later (allowed with parents)
10.40 born 2020 (allowed with parents)
10.50 born 2019 (allowed with parents)
11.00 born 2018


 START for kids’ races with timing
11.10 boys born 2015-2017 (1km)
11.15 girls born 2015-2017 (1km)
11.30 born 2013-2014 (1km)


Kids’ races award ceremony


Valga Valka City Run 5 km START


Valga Valka City Run 5 km award ceremony


Valga Valka City Run 10 km START


Valga Valka City Run award ceremony



Anyone with appropriate physical state to complete the distance is welcome to the event. The competitor (parent/guardian for underagers) is responsible for their own participation.


Age groups 

Age groups are separate for men and women, boys and girls. 



Valga Valka Kids races

Boys/Girls born 2021 and later– 350m (without timing, can be with parent/guardian)

Boys/Girls born 2020 – 350m (without timing, can be with parent/guardian)

Boys/Girls born 2019 – 350m (without timing, can be with parent/guardian)

Boys/Girls born 2018 – 350m (without timing 

Boys/Girls born 2017 – 1000m (with timing) 

Boys/Girls born 2016 – 1000m (with timing) 

Boys/Girls born 2015 – 1000m (with timing) 

Boys/Girls born 2014 – 1000m (with timing)

Boys/Girls born 2013 – 1000m (with timing) 



Valga Valka City Run 5km and 10km

U14: born 2011 and later

U16: born 2009-2010

U18: born 2007-2008

MN: born 1985-2006

MN 40: born 1975-1984

MN 50: born 1965-1974

MN 60: born 1955-1964

MN 70: born 1954 and earlier


Registration and fees

Pre-registration for Valga Valka City Run is open online at www.valgavalkacityrun.eu until 17th April 2024 23:59. On the spot registration and race material pick-up is on 20th April from 16:00 to 20:00 and on race day 21st April from 9:00 to 12:30 at Valga City town square.

Re-registration is possible for an additional fee of 10€ at iseteenindus.triatloniakadeemia.ee until 17th April 2024 23:59.


By entering and paying the registration fee the participant:

  • Agrees to the race regulations and rules set by the organizer;
  • Agrees to their personal information being used according to the laws and regulations;
  • Confirms that they are prepared and fit to take part in a sporting event.


Transferring your participation or your race number is not allowed. The organizers have the right to refuse to register a participant should they find it necessary. The organizers have the right to disqualify a participant should they not follow the Valga Valka City run race regulations. Registration fees will not be refunded if the event is cancelled due to force majeure or when the participant decides to not take part in the event.


 Valga Valka City Run registration fee includes:


  • Race number
  • Timing
  • Clothes changing room
  • Aid stations on course
  • Medical aid if necessary
  • Medal for finishers
  • Drink at the finish
  • Soup at the finish
  • Showers

10 km

Until 17.03.2024



At race centre 20.-21.04.2024

Adults (born 2004 and earlier)





Youngsters under 20 and seniors 65 and over







Until 17.03.2024



At race centre 20.-21.04.2024 

Adults (born 2004 and earlier)

15 € 



30 € 

Youngsters under 20 and seniors 65 and over

10 € 



25 € 


Kids races

Until 17.03.2024


At race centre 20.-21.04.2024

Kids races 

(boys/girls born 2013

and later) 





*Special participation fees apply to the kindergartens and schools of Valga and Valka. Registration at the kindergartens and schools is open until 12th April 2024. Contact your kindergarten/school teacher to register.


Registration is confirmed only after receiving the payment. The payment can be made using a bank link after completing the registration form. The time of the payment (not the time of the registration) is the basis for the registration fee. Confirmation of the registration is name in the start list at www.valgavalkacityrun.eu

By registering the participant (parent/guardian for children) confirms that they are responsible for their own (child’s) health and agrees that the organizer is not responsible for any medical incidents and breaking or losing of personal property. 



Competition jury

All Valga Valka City Run protests will be addressed by the organizers as needed.


Run course

Valga Valka City Run course goes along the streets and roads of both cities.

Participants must follow the instructions of the race officials for safety.


Aid stations

There are two aid stations on the 10km course. Water and sports drinks are available at the aid stations and the finish area.

In addition, soup is available to all participants after finishing.



Valga Valka City Run has electronic timing. The timing chip is attached to the back of the race number. Removing the chip or folding the race number is forbidden.

The race number must the secured to your chest and it must be visible all the time from start to finish. The participant must not cover the race number with their hand when crossing the start/finish line, otherwise the result may not be recorded.


Time limits

Valga Valka City Run finish closes at 16:00. Participants who do not make the time limit will be given a DNF (did not finish).


Award ceremony

Valga Valka City Run award ceremony will be held at Valga City town square according to the program above.

Prize money will be awarded to three best men and women on the 10km distance and to the winners of the 5km distance.

Three fastest of each age group will be awarded with a prize. Diplomas (downloadable) are available to all participants.

It is mandatory to be present at the award ceremony to receive the prize. If the participant cannot be present, they may send a representative. You cannot receive your prize after the ceremony. 


Results will be published at www.valgavalkacityrun.eu


Medical aid

Race organizers provide a medical aid point at the race centre during the whole race


Lost and found 

All items found will be taken to registration tent. Inquiries about lost and found items after the race should be sent to cityrun@triatloniakadeemia.ee The organizers store the lost and found for 7 days after the race. 


Parking and traffic on race day 

Participant and spectator parking is at Valga Selver and Rimi stores and Tivoli parking lot.

It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the police, referees, and traffic controllers when parking and during the competition. 


Organizers’ rights

The organizers have the right to use the photos and videos of Valga Valka City run made by the organizers.

The organizer has the right to make changes in the regulations. All changes will be announced on the event’s website: www.valgavalkacityrun.eu.


Main sponsors
Valga vald
Valka novads
Sereno Reisid OÜ
Maks & Moorits
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